Ukraine Solidarity Operating Committee

Committee members

Kathryn Hess Bellwald, Chair of the committe

Emmanuel Barraud, Mediacom
Daniel Chuard, AVP for Student Affairs and Outreach
Manon Boissat, AGEPoly
Eric Du Pasquier, Security, Safety and Facilities Operations
Laureline Duvillard, VPA General staff
Maureen Décosterd, Mediacom
Corinne Feuz, Mediacom
Antoine Fromentin, International Affairs
Sonia Gander Henguely, Legal Affairs
Philip Mair, AVP for Postgraduate Education
Alexandre Mayor, Spiritual care
Claudia Noth, Human Resources
Laurent Ramelet, Registrar’s office
Frédéric Rauss, Mediacom
Nathalie Ritter, Students affairs
Gabriela Tejada, College of humanities
Leïla Ueberschlag, VPA General staff